As a child, I knew that the stars could only get brighter and we would get closer,
Leaving this darkness behind..
Now that I’m older, the stars should lie upon my face, but when I find myself alone,
I feel like I am blind!
I wish the stars could shine now for they are closer, they are near
But they will not present my present, they make my past and future painfully clear.
To hear you now, to see you now, I can look outside myself
And I must examine my breath and look inside,
Because I feel blind, because I feel blind!

[είναι βραδάκι και μόλις μας κόψαν το ρεύμα. Η καταλληλότερη στιγμή δηλαδή για να ανεβάσω το νέο μαγικό ντισκο-ποίημα των Hercules & Love Affair. Τώρα που όλη η γειτονιά είναι λίγο blind.]